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Master Seong’s Taekwondo World

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that emphasizes in physical speed, power, and agility.  As a martial art it also helps individuals acquire mental discipline through meditation, concentration, and mental relaxation.

The difference between Seong’s Taekwondo World and others is that besides being an experienced, competent, and enthusiastic black belt martial artist, Master Seong is an educated instructor with high levels in many martial arts.  Like Master Seong, there are many great fighters out there, but they are not great teachers and their methods are ancient and unsafe which in many cases can make students feel more pain and frustration than satisfaction.  This in turn makes students run away from the experience and reject all the benefits that martial arts could provide.

At Seong’s Taekwondo World you will obtain the ability and discipline to build your body and mind through amazing yet safe exercises that will build a body you will be proud of.  In addition and considering the pressures of our fast society, the body becomes exposed to environmental stressors that will eventually affect your physical and mental health.  Meditation and relaxation techniques will help the student shield against such factors, fun cardio will provide students with naturally producing endorphins that will result in prolonged happiness and satisfaction.  Master Seong is also highly knowledgeable in physical education and nutrition.

More than just a martial artist, master Seong acts as an educator by teaching students humility and respect to others and society as well as effective ways of conflict resolution techniques.  In every class Master Seong applies the proper and most effective warm-up, body strengthening, and conditioning techniques for speed, strength and flexibility.  Anyone, at any age can become a super athlete.  Moreover, Master Seong emphasizes in proper eating habits and hydration techniques for people wishing to loose weight or just wanting to become healthier and younger looking for a longer period of time.  Those becoming black belts at Seong’s Taekwondo World will have a greater advantage than those coming from other schools. They will not only be faster, more confident and physically and mentally powerful, but will be happier and healthier than the rest of black belts around the world.  Master Seong is constantly researching on health and body for the betterment of students’ lives and performance.  According to research, music and dancing makes people happier than those who only exercise regularly.  Music provides a greater amount of endorphins that complements to the well being of students’ lives.  For this reason, Master Seong has implemented music in his daily training. Come and feel what martial arts through the teaching of master Seong can do for you, your children, and love ones.

Master Seong
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